Zoning approvals (permits) are needed before work begins for fences, sheds, new construction, additions, pools, and many other projects. In order to receive a permit, the structures must conform to the Village Zoning Code. Though initially this may seem overly strict, the zoning codes are in place to preserve the beauty and character of Amberley.

After a complete application is submitted, a permit can be issued if your modifications are within the Village Zoning Code. For large projects, you’ll need zoning approval from Amberley Village before you can apply for a building permit from Hamilton County. Be sure to bring 4 copies of your plan and completed zoning approval form letter. The Village does not require a permit fee and turnaround time is typically 7 to 10 days. However, there is a fee for the Hamilton County building permit.

To get started, permit forms can be found at www.amberleyvillage.org under the Forms and Documents link. Questions regarding zoning permits may be directed to the Zoning and Project Administrator Wes Brown at 531-8675.