As announced to Council in December 2020, Duke Energy embarked on their Targeted Under Ground (TUG) Project to significantly reduce the power outage in the area. The TUG project is an initiative to bury the electric lines in front of the homes and remove the overhead power line in the rear of the homes. The undergrounding project is targeted at residents in the Elbrook area, who have been plagued with power outages over the years. The Village has been heavily pushing for solutions to the power outage issues and over the last couple of years, has worked closely with Duke to encourage undergrounding the electric lines. Duke has been seeking easements across property owners’ land in order to take electricity underground.
Just recently, Duke has successfully acquired all easements for the scope of work they are planning to complete in 2021 on Section Road and Elbrook Avenue. The Village has granted their permit for the work on Section Road and Elbrook that will be underway soon but their plans are much greater as shown on the map attached. Within the next 2 years, Duke Energy will have undergrounded electric on part of Section Road, North Elbrook Avenue, Royal Oak, Laurel Oak, Twigwood, Larkfield, and a piece of North Fair Oaks. Unfortunately, this requires Duke to place a green electrical box out near the street however, these are a key part of the electrical system that delivers power to residents. They are only found in areas where electric service is buried underground but this is a multi-million dollar project that will improve the quality of electric service, minimize service interruptions, increase safety following an extreme weather event and speed up power restoration following major storms. If Cincinnati Bell and Spectrum decide to join the project and bury their lines as well, the poles will also be removed from the rear yards. When the project is completed, Duke Energy will have the ability to provide power from both the north and south ends of the area and isolate areas and restore power faster if in the event power is lost. The Village is grateful for Duke’s attention and investment in our community.
Printable Undergrounding Map