The Village has determined the location for the 2018 rehabilitation program.  The map below shows the locations and information about the improvements.  Work is expected to begin August 20, 2018 in some areas and will run through September 21, 2018.  Signs will be placed in each neighborhood ahead of construction commencing.

Traffic impacts:

  • Two-way traffic will be maintained by Adleta Construction.  One lane closures are to be expected between the construction working hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

All work is weather dependent, and the schedule is subject to change.

Work to be completed: Catch basin repairs, total curb replacement, asphalt repairs, mill and pave.

Matson Avenue
Gardener Avenue
Gwenwyn Drive
Sagamore Drive (from Lansdowne south to terminus)
Lansdowne Avenue

Work to be completed: Curb repairs

Elbrook Avenue

What you need to know:

  • All work will be performed while maintaining traffic where possible.
  • Traffic will be maintained as much as possible, but drivers should expect delays due to construction activities. Traffic will regularly be limited to one lane during work hours.
  • We request that residents keep vehicle travel on the road to a minimum during the construction activities.
  • Please follow the “no parking” signs in the work areas.

What happens during construction?

There are multiple stages in resurfacing or reconstructing of a street. Residents will notice equipment such as backhoes, concrete saws, front-end loaders and dump trucks hauling construction materials in and out. There will be days when a lot of activity can be observed and other days when you see very little activity. Once construction begins on your street, it will be completed in a timely manner.

How will I be affected during construction?

Access to your street, and sometimes your driveway, may be obstructed during construction hours.  You will normally have access to your driveway. If a new curb is installed in front of your driveway, you will not have access to your driveway for 2-3 days. You will receive advance notice of this work from the contractor.

Please minimize on-street parking in the work zone when possible. On-street parking will be available outside of the work limits.

We do not plan to disturb private property. However, if any damage does occur to your lawn, it will be repaired. The Village appreciates the property owner’s cooperation in watering newly seeded areas. Please notify your lawn services of any seeded areas on your property.

There will be no changes in your emergency services. The police and fire department will be notified of all construction areas. All lawn waste, garbage and recyclable collection should continue according to their normal pick-up schedules unless you are advised otherwise.

When will the work take place?

Work is expected to begin August 20, 2018 in some areas and will run through September 21, 2018. Construction will start at 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What if I have a sprinkler system or underground dog fence by my curb?

If you have a sprinkler system or electric dog fence immediately behind the curb, please notify Tim Adleta at (513) 554-1469 as soon as possible. Please have the irrigation system or dog fence marked with marking paint or flags prior to construction activities (following notification signage posted in your area.) The contractor should be notified so that they can use caution during curb removal or other work in the vicinity. Should the contractor damage your sprinkler system or dog fence after notification and the irrigation system or dog fence was marked as requested, the contractor will repair it to its original condition as soon as possible. Once construction begins in front of your house, please test your dog fence before you let your dog out.

How do we determine which streets to pave/repair?

The 2018 Road Program consists of total curb replacement, storm water repairs and repaving of the entire streets. The factors used to prioritize and select streets for inclusion in the program include:

  • Existing pavement condition index
  • Type and severity of deterioration
  • Annual maintenance costs
  • Expected economy of grouping streets by location to gain contractor efficiency and minimize neighborhood disruptions
  • Condition of the existing curb and gutter that work is aligned with the pavement work
  • Expected economy of water main replacement projects performed by Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Communications with Residents and Drivers

  • Temporary signs will be posted in neighborhoods before work commences to notify residents and motorists of upcoming construction work and anticipated construction dates.
  • The Amberley Village website gives an overview of the road program information.
  • The contractor, Adleta Construction, provides advance notice to residents when the curb in front of their driveway will be repaired.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Zoning & Project Administrator Wes Brown at (513) 531-8675 or

Village Council approved approximately $249,135 to contract with Smith Construction for repairs to our storm water infrastructure which will take place this fall.  Of the four bids received, Smith’s bid was $3,744 less than the engineer’s estimate and $10,005 less than the next lowest bid.

The program consists of pipe and catch basin replacements, reconstruction of a retaining wall and storm water repairs within the street rehabilitation program.

2601 Willowbrook Drive Reconstruction of retaining wall in creek
6696 Fair Oaks Drive Replacing 24” storm water culvert
7707 Creekwood Lane Replacing 12” storm water pipe
7000 Fair Oaks Drive Replacing catch basin and 10” storm water pipe, adding catch basin and 12’ pipe
7034-7027 Beechhollow Drive Installing new 12” storm water pipe and 2 new catch basins
3580 Section Road Installing new trash rack in front of headwall inlet
6536 Kincaid Road Reconstructing a deteriorated manhole chamber