Amberley Green

Amberley Green is a 133-acre property, located at Ridge and Galbraith Roads.  A former golf course, it’s a place to enjoy walking or running amidst beautiful views of rolling hills, ponds and trees.  A map of the paths has been created, and copies are available on the west side of the parking lot.  Park hours are dawn to dusk.

An Amberley Village identification sticker on your car’s bumper gives you access to this beautiful property.  Cars without a sticker will be subject to ticketing or towing, and no vehicles will be allowed to park overnight.  Those who prefer not to affix the Village sticker to their car may obtain a parking day-pass for Amberley Green at the police window in the Municipal Building.

For your safety, please be aware of the following:Amberley Green

  • The former cart paths are available for walking or jogging only.  While the Village staff has worked to repair the most hazardous spots, the paths’ condition does not permit use of wheeled equipment:  Bike riding, rollerblading and skateboarding are not permitted.
  • Motorized vehicles are not permitted.
  • Dogs are welcome at Amberley Green, provided they are under control.  Leashes are required at all times, except from dawn to 9 a.m. and the hour prior to dusk.
  • Please be considerate of other residents and the environment by cleaning up after your pet. For your convenience, dog litter disposal bags are available near the parking lot.
  • Keep the Green clean.  Dispose of trash and recyclables in proper containers.
  • A Port-o-let near the parking lot is the only available restroom facility on the site.
  • The building is closed.

An agreement was reached in fall 2009 with nearby Mount Notre Dame High School (MND) for the refurbishment of five tennis courts on the property for use by their tennis team.  The courts are available when MND is not practicing or hosting a match.

Amberley Park

Several amenities are available on the grounds of the Municipal Building for residents to enjoy: playground equipment and the walking track, which are open to all, and tennis courts, which require the purchase of a key card for access.

Tennis Courts

Four tennis courts are located adjacent to Village Hall.  As a resident, you can purchase a key card for $50 that allows you to play on the courts with non-resident friends.  Non-residents can obtain a key card for $100.  The tennis-court key cards are sold for a period of two years and may be purchased at the Public Safety service window in the Municipal Building.

If you wish to purchase a key card during the second year of the two-year term, the price will be $35 and $70 for non-residents. Fees from card sales are used to offset maintenance expenses and court supplies.

Use of the tennis courts is restricted to key card-holders and their guests.  Please abide by the following courtesy rules:

  • No food or beverage (except water) is permitted on the courts.
  • When people are waiting to play, players must limit their playing time to a one-hour maximum.  To assure compliance with this rule, courts must be relinquished at change-over time regardless of the time the courts have been in use by the players occupying the courts.  Change-over time is defined as the exact hour i.e., 12:00 noon, 1:00 pm, etc.)  Waiting players have their choice of court at change-over.
  • Utilization of courts is restricted to daylight hours.  No person may enter the tennis courts for any purpose after dark.
  • Please proceed to take a tennis court only when your full playing party is present.  It is not permissible for one person to hold the court while waiting for others to arrive.
  • Acts of vandalism and littering will be prosecuted under appropriate Village ordinances.
  • Only regulation tennis shoes are permitted on the courts.
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn on the courts at all times.  Shirts must be worn.

Walking Track

Walking TrackResidents can walk, stroll or jog as many miles as they like on the Amberley Village walking track located at Ridge and Section Roads.  This paved track boasts an upper and lower path nestled into a picturesque landscape that varies in topography and view.  Its measurements are as follows:

Upper Track:  2,144′  (2.5 times around = 1 mile)
Lower Track:  1,644′  (3.2 times around = 1 mile)
Total for both:  3,788′  (1.4 times around = 1 mile)
Walking the total of both tracks 7 times = 5 miles

Pets, bicycles and vehicles are not permitted on the track.

To keep this amenity beautiful and litter-free, receptacles have been placed along the track to accept trash and recyclables, such as plastic bottles.  A parking lot is accessible from Ridge Road.

The playground situated on the upper track is popular among residents with young children.  Families can explore the playground, take a break at the picnic table or walk the track together.

Mayerson JCC

J CafeCamp at the JSince its opening in August 2008, the J has become the community gathering place for Amberley residents of all ages.  There is much to enjoy, from the workout facilities to the indoor waterpark, from senior programs/services and performances to the café and spa services.  An early childhood school is on the campus, and numerous camps are offered in the summer and over school vacations.

Visit to find out how to become a member and for information on their programs and facilities.

French Park

French House

Located in the heart of Amberley Village, French Park is the former 275-acre estate of Herbert Greer French who donated the property to Cincinnati in 1943 along with his house.   It is the second largest Cincinnati Park Board property after Mt. Airy Forest. The French House, and the grounds around it, can be rented for special events. Contact the Cincinnati Park Board for details.

TrailThe Park is at the intersection of Ridge Road, a historic Indian Trail, and Section Road, on land originally bought by early area settler John Cleves Symmes from the US Congress.   Across the driveway is the former caretaker’s cottage that is used as a satellite teaching facility by the Cincinnati Art Academy.

CreekLarge meadow areas are nestled inside the wooded perimeter. Several trails and a creek known for fossils, wind through the park. One trail follows closely the outer boundary line of the park.

ShelterThere are two parts of the park that are undeveloped. One is at the southwest corner of Ridge and Sections Roads. The other is located at the southeastern corner of Ridge and Section Roads extending nearly two-thirds of a mile going east on Section Road towards the city of Silverton.
The hill at the top of French Park offers spectacular views and a shelter house with bathrooms.  Grills and recreation equipment are also available for use. This Park is a favorite with dogs too!