Jenny West
Jenny WestTax Administrator

Amberley Village Tax Ordinance

Amberley Village has an income tax, established by Village Ordinance, Chapter 101. The purpose of the tax is to provide funds for adequate general municipal operations, projected capital improvements, and the establishment of adequate reserves for the normal operations of the village.

The Village tax rate is 2%. The tax levied by Chapter 101 is an annual tax assessed on the income of every person residing in or earning or receiving income in the Village and shall be measured by municipal taxable income.

Who Must File?
All resident individual taxpayers are required to file an annual municipal income tax return with the Village, regardless of income or liability. Residents who are retired and have no taxable income are required to file an annual return with the Amberley Village Tax Office.


Contact Jenny West, Village Tax Administrator at or 513-531-0130.