From mid-October through the end of December, the Amberley Village Maintenance Department collects residents’ leaves using vacuum trucks. You are asked to follow several procedures for the placement of leaves at the curb to ensure safety and efficient pickup.

  • Leaves should be piled at the curb line, just behind the curb line but extending back no more than 8 feet into the yard. (Equipment cannot reach beyond this point.) Leaves must not be placed in the street, because they will clog gutters and storm drains and may constitute a traffic hazard.
  • Keep grass, brush clippings, and other debris (i.e., rocks, gravel, trash, metal) separate from the leaves. Leaf piles containing brush and other debris will not be picked up. Such debris can damage leaf collection equipment. Brush material is picked up by a separate Amberley crew.
  • Leaf piles blocked by parked cars or low hanging tree limbs will not be picked up. It is impossible for us to get the leaf collection equipment into such tight areas.
  • NEVER place leaves around fire hydrants, mailboxes, sign posts, utility poles, and guy wires.

Every effort is made to collect leaves in each area of the Village once per week; however, this cannot be guaranteed. The accumulation of leaves to be picked up is affected by many factors, including the weather and when residents decide to rake their leaves. As a result, it is impossible to announce a firm schedule for collection. The Village Administrative staff monitors the leaf collection progress daily to assure that each area of the Village is serviced as often as conditions permit. Residents may call the Administration office at 531-8675 to find out approximately when they might expect to have their leaves picked up.