Community Safe allows the Village to send a voicemail phone message to all residents within a matter of minutes.  It is used only to communicate information that must be conveyed to large groups of residents within a short time frame.  Messages may be sent to all residents, or specific groups of residents, as indicated by the circumstance.

You are encouraged to include your cell phone, in addition to your home phone number, which will be automatically included in this system, because during a power outage, you may be able to receive a message on your cell phone if your home phone is not operative. All phone numbers are kept private.

The system has been used to convey information such as road closures due to downed trees and power lines or an Amber Alert, or more limited situations such as broken water pipes in a particular area.  Additionally, actions of Council or administrative decisions having immediate impact may also be communicated on Community Safe.

To add numbers (or to opt out of this program entirely if you wish), call the Public Safety Department at 531-2040.  If your telephone number changes, please call the Police Department immediately at 531-2040