Community RoomThe Community Room on the lower level of the Amberley Village Municipal Building is a great place to have a meeting or get-together. Available at a reasonable cost to adult residents to reserve the room for use by groups of which they or their immediate family are members. It accommodates up to 60 persons seated, or fewer if tables are used.

The Amberley Village Community Room Usage Guidelines can help you determine if the space is a good fit for your meeting or get-together.

To use the Community Room, you must submit an Amberley Village Community Room Rental Form

Application and Deposit

The application asks for a description of the group, anticipated attendance, nature of the meeting or gathering, and desired room arrangement. Submit the completed application along with a $100 security deposit to the Administration Office in the Municipal Building lobby (Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.). The security deposit will be refunded to the permit holder within one week of the event, less any charges for clean-up or damage.

Community Room KitchenFee and Clean Up

There is an hourly charge of $25 with a two hour minimum that must be paid in cash.  The hourly fee is applicable based on your usage of the room.  Please consult the Community Room Usage Guidelines for more information.

Additionally, a $100 cash security deposit must accompany the completed application. The permit holder is responsible to leave the premises in the same state of cleanliness as when they arrived. Please wipe off the tables and counters, remove all decorations, remove items placed in the refrigerator, put trash in provided containers, and vacuum the floor. All of your fellow Amberley Village residents and the staff thank you in advance.