Amberley Village Passes Ordinance Restricting Dogs at Amberley Green

At the July 12 meeting of council, consensus was finally reached regarding leash regulations at Amberley Green.  Ordinance 2021-8, establishing leash regulations for dogs at Amberley Green was passed.  The amended ordinance will allow off-leash dogs during restricted hours as follows:

    • Dawn – 9 a.m. daily
    • One hour prior to dusk daily

The ordinance also restricts certain areas of the property where dogs must be on leash, including the parking lot, near the clubhouse building and near the Community Garden, and allows the Village Manager to set additional leash-only zones for special circumstances such as events.

Administrative staff is working on signage and promotional materials to ensure the new rules are clear to users of Amberley Green.  These will include flyers and leave-behind cards for distribution by the Amberley Village Police Department, as well as social media, website and newsletter campaigns.  In addition, staff and elected officials will be on hand during the transition into the new regulations to answer questions and assist users in better understanding the rules of engagement.

The new ordinance goes into effect on Thursday, August 26, 2021.


Printable Guidelines