Urban Wildlife: Coyotes

Ohio Community Wildlife Cooperative on Winter Wildlife
     Representatives from Amberley Village annually attend a conference regarding wildlife in urban settings. Of particular interest this time of year is the importance of cohabitating with coyotes during their mating season, which typically occurs from late January through March.
     Take a moment to learn more about coyotes in the domestic landscape. You’ll be surprised to know they are extremely adaptable, which is why you see them more and more during the day. It’s not necessarily that there are more coyotes; they are just adapting to their less-nocturnal surroundings!
     Click to enlarge the informational cards to the right, or refer to the fact sheets below right, provided by the Ohio State University Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
     You’ll also appreciate the Amberley Village video regarding coyote safety presented by Officer Chris Fritsch below.   Concerns regarding coyote activity can be reported to the non-emergency line at the Amberley Village Police Department at 531-2040.
Amberley Village Information Podcast - Coyotes
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