The Amberley Village Human Rights Commission is a non-partisan body comprised of five members who must be residents of Amberley Village, and are appointed for three-year terms.  Established in 2018 per Ordinance 2018-4 to combat discrimination and for the guarantee of equality and inclusion, the Human Rights Commission formalizes Amberley Village’s public policy to safeguard the right and opportunity of all persons to be free from all forms of discrimination and to provide for an inclusive community for all residents, businesses and visitors.

Current members of the Human Rights Commission include James Boney (chair), Monica Lira, Nancy Warren, Matthew Kraus and Dr. Evelyn Jones.

Residents with concerns regarding human rights violations or other human rights-related issues can reach the Commission via our Citizen Action Line or by emailing them at

The Human Rights Commission recently introduced a Welcome Yard Sign, designed to establish the Village as a welcoming community for all.  Printable guidelines for displaying the yard sign (pictured below) are available by clicking the green button.

Amberley Welcomes You sign with trees

Welcome Yard Sign Guidelines