A permit is required for all new sheds, including replacement sheds. To seek approval for a shed, you must complete and submit the Zoning Approval Request Form to the Administration office at the Amberley Village Municipal Building. Regulations for sheds (accessory structures) are covered in Chapter 154 of the Village Code.

An outdoor shed is considered an accessory structure in the Amberley Village zoning code. These buildings are highly regulated in the interest of preserving the aesthetic beauty of our neighborhoods.

First, you cannot put a shed in the front yard of your home. Sheds are only allowed in side yards and in the rear of your home, but you must adhere to code regulations. You have to pay very close attention to the distance away from the side and rear lot lines. As previously mentioned, these regulations are covered in great detail in the Amberley Village Zoning Code Section 154.

The main access door of the shed is not allowed to face the street. This is an aesthetic issue.

You can build a large shed, but it cannot cover more than 30 percent of the area of your required rear yard and cannot exceed 1,000 square feet.