Current members are:

Richard Bardach, Chairperson
Rick Lauer
Susan Rissover
Scott Rubenstein
Craig Cappozzo

The five members, one of whom is a representative of Council, are appointed by the Mayor for four-year terms.  This body has two distinct functions.

Zoning Board of Appeals

As the ZBA, it has the authority to grant relief from strict application of the zoning code when conditions of undue hardship or practical difficulty can be demonstrated. ZBA cases are considered on an individual basis in the context of the zoning and neighborhood character.

Meetings are typically held monthly.   The dates are published in the calendar and in the Village’s quarterly newsletter.

Residents who wish to make zoning appeals must do so in writing at least 21 calendar days in advance of the ZBA’s meeting.   The Rules and Regulations of the ZBA, Article VII, describe in detail the procedures that you must follow when requesting a variance.

Planning Commission

As the PC, from time to time it may amend or modify the existing zoning code of the Village. A public hearing is held before any change is made, after which the PC makes a recommendation to Council. The Village Council can accept, reject, or modify and then adopt the PC’s recommendation.

Requests for consideration by the PC must be in writing as described in the Rules and Regulations of the Planning Commission, Article VII.