The public right of way is a strip of land owned by the Village which is usually located under and around a public street. As a result, in addition to the road pavement, the Village owns some of the land adjacent to the pavement on each side. The public right of way is designed to contain and accomodate roads, but also public utilities such as sewer lines, water mains, electric/gas and cable television. Rights of way vary in width from street to street. Many rights of way in Amberley are 50 to 60 feet in width, which means that generally the Village actually owns an additional area of land which extends approximately 14-17 feet on each side, beyond the curb or pavement.

Amberley has a few rights of way that are actually 80 feet in width, although this is unusual. In some instances, the roadway is not in the center of the right of way, so one side will be wider than the other. When undertaking improvement projects in the right of way, the Village employs surveyors if needed for accuracy about right of way boundaries. If you have questions about the public right of way in your area, please feel free to contact the Administration office at 531-8675.