A number of activities require that you obtain a permit from the Village before you undertake them. Click on the links below for more information about:

Garage sales
Block parties
Alarm systems
Zoning approval

Garage Sales

A garage sale permit is required by the Amberley Village Code for individuals who plan to hold a garage or yard sale within the Village. The permit is free, and may be obtained at the Amberley Village Municipal Building or by clicking here. Submit the completed form to the administration office at the Amberley Village Municipal Building for approval. The completed permit must be on file at the Amberley Village Municipal Building prior to the start of the sale and the following guidelines apply:

  1. Garage sales shall be held only during daylight hours; and for not more than two consecutive days.
  2. Items sold shall be owned solely by occupants of his or her household.
  3. Items for sale may not be displayed any nearer than 25 feet from the Village right-of-way line.
  4. Temporary tents of any kind may not be erected for the purpose of a garage sale unless zoning approval is obtained prior to the sale.
  5. Residents must comply with all regulations of the Amberley Village Code concerning advertising and posting of signs. Section 111.94 of the Amberley Village Code states:
    “No advertisement or direction sign for a garage sale, lawn sale, or basement sale shall be posted on Village property or in a manner which would restrict a right-of-way of a public highway or Village street. Signs shall not be posted on the property of another without the express permission of the property owner.”

Block Parties

Block Party Road Closed SignSome Village neighborhoods hold annual parties. To host a block party, fill out a permit form. The form will be reviewed by the Police Department, and the Department will advise if a portion of the street can be blocked off. If approved, the Maintenance Department will deliver two signs, barricades, orange barrels and any other items required to advise the public the Road is Closed during the event.

The next work day after the event, the Maintenance Department will pick up all of the safety items. Residents are responsible for cleaning the street and public right-of-way next to the street.

Alarm Systems

A permit is required before the installation of a burglar alarm system in your home. Complete the form and return it to the Public Safety Department. See the alarm monitoring section for additional information.