Amberley Village operates under a Council-Manager form of government.  In this form of government, the legislative body of Village Council serves to create laws and policy, and appoints a Village Manager to oversee the delivery of public services and day-to-day operations.  The administration staff, under the direction of the Village Manager, assists in providing professional services to the community and can help residents with general information, income taxes, zoning, finances, property maintenance and concerns or complaints.

Department Staff Member Contact Information
General Information All Administrative Staff 531-8675
Village Manager Scot Lahrmer Send E-mail
Executive Assistant & Clerk of Council Tammy Reasoner Send E-mail
Zoning & Project Administrator Wes Brown Send E-mail
Financial & Payroll Administrator Kathy Harcourt Send E-mail
Tax Administrator Jenny West 531-0130 or Send E-mail
Administrative Assistant Carolyn Wallis Send E-mail