Fire Truck

The Quint

The Amberley Village Fire Department maintains a 2001 Quint as well as two Class A Fire Pumpers. The Quint, pictured right in the photo, is the newest fire engine, and it is a first response apparatus. The Quint is so named because it has the following five characteristics:

  • a 75 foot aerial ladder
  • a 1500 GPM fire pump
  • a 500 gallon water tank
  • it carries a full complement of ground ladders
  • it carries its own supply hose

Important fire fighting equipment is carried on all pieces of equipment, but the primary response and equipment is the responsibility of the Quint. The department responds on all general alarms with all three pieces of equipment.

Fire TruckThe primary responding apparatus is our 2001 Quint. This apparatus has a 75-foot aerial ladder complete with a piped waterway. The master stream nozzle at the tip can be operated by a firefighter at the tip or remotely from the engineer’s panel. The pump on the truck is capable of delivering 1500 gallons of water per minute. This truck has a four-door enclosed, raised, cab. The rear portion of the cab is retrofitted with a custom-built rack system to facilitate storage of everyone’s firefighting gear. The engine is a Caterpillar Diesel, with a low-profile pump panel installed, giving more room for hose lines. The transmission is an Allison automatic transmission, and the truck is equipped with a hydraulic generator that is powered by the transmission. The Quint also carries 1000 feet of 5-inch supply line, breathing apparatus and other tools. Some other important equipment carried on the Quint includes the: “Holmatro” victim extrication equipment, foam delivery equipment and landing zone kits to accommodate Air Care.

Fire Truck Equipment

The second responding apparatus is the 1988 Seagrave, a 1250-gallon-per-minute pumper. It is a four-door enclosed canopy type with the cab forward of the engine. It has a Detroit Diesel engine and is equipped with an Allison 4-speed automatic HT-740 transmission. It also has a 500-gallon booster tank, a full complement of ground ladders and cross-lay compartments for fire lines. It carries 1000 feet of 5-inch supply line, tools and breathing apparatus for fire fighters.

Equipment BagsThe third apparatus is a 1965 Pirsch fire pumper. This engine also carries a 500-gallon water tank and is rated at 1000 gallons per minute. It was refurbished in 1985. The refurbishment included a new Detroit Diesel 6-71 engine, an Allison automatic T-644 transmission, a new 500-gallon booster tank, and two cross lay compartments for fire lines. It also carries ground ladders, 1000 feet of 5-inch supply line, breathing apparatus, tools and additional equipment. The refurbishment in 1985 was to give the life span of the engine an additional 10-15 years. It was recommended to the Chief to continue use and operation of this truck as long as it was able to pass the annual pump re-certification tests.