Giving Funds and Current Projects

Many residents naturally want to give back to the community in appreciation for the many benefits of living in Amberley. Residents can contribute financial support directly to projects, programs or services as they prefer. Contributions help fund items that may not be included in the annual budget.

Giving Funds
The Village currently has eight established funds that can receive tax-deductible donations. Contributions can be made at any time, and donors can designate that their monies go to a particular area.

Fund To Benefit
Environmental Stewardship Committee Beautification projects, landscapes, tree plantings, environmental initiatives
Amberley Green Enhancement Fund Improvement and maintenance of the former Crest Hills site
Public Safety Equipment, training, services
Maintenance Department Equipment, training, service
Life Squad/Paramedics Offset cost of services
Village Administration, Mayor, Village Council Discretionary funds for special projects


The process is simple; donors write a check to “Amberley Village” and enter the name of the recipient fund on the check’s memo blank. Mail the check to Amberley Village Municipal Building, 7149 Ridge Rd., 45237. The donation will be acknowledged and deposited in the correct account.

Donations to any of the funds supplement the amount budgeted to the designated department or committee; donations are not be used as a substitute for budgetary allocations. For further information, contact Kathy Harcourt by calling 531-8675.

Plaza Bricks

Plaza BricksAmberley residents can permanently commemorate the special people and events in their lives with an engraved brick in the Village’s flag plaza, which is located in front of Village Hall. Names or other wording are professionally engraved on the brick, which is then permanently set in the plaza.

Whimsical phrases, family names, and memorials to deceased loved ones have been engraved on many of the bricks in the plaza. Many are still available for purchase, at $90 apiece. Funds raised through the project are used to maintain the landscaping and appearance of the plaza, and for other Village projects.

Download an order form or get one from the Village office. Each brick can be engraved with up to three lines of thirteen characters or spaces. For more information, email Carolyn Wallis or call the office at 531-8675.

Ball Field Memorial

Ball Field MemorialThe Amberley baseball fields that so many enjoy today were enhanced by a gift to the Village in 1993 from Mrs. Evelyn Greff, as a memorial to her late husband, Irwin Greff. She specified that her gift be used to upgrade the quality, beauty, and safety of the two baseball fields located adjacent to the Village Hall. The bronze memorial plaque affixed to a large boulder near the upper ball field commemorates this generous gift to Amberley Village from the family of Irwin and Evelyn Greff in their memory. As depicted in a letter from Mrs. Greff, they “loved and cherished children and the game of baseball.” The Greff’s described the Village as an “extraordinarily wonderful place to live.” They watched their grandsons and many other children play on the ball diamonds over the years.

The Greff’s donated this gift in honor of the late Irwin Greff and so that “children of many future generations would continue to find the ball fields as a source of pride and enjoyment in the Village.” On April 24, 1994, a dedication ceremony was held for the newly refurbished ball fields. The ceremony featured speeches by members of the Greff family, former Mayor Richard Kerstine, and former Cincinnati Reds player and Amberley resident, Dave Parker. The ceremony was followed by a celebration with music and ballpark-style refreshments.

Resident Donates Engineering Equipment

Stanley Cohen Donation of engineering equipmentProfessional engineer and long-time Amberley Village resident, Stanley Cohen, has donated two engineering tools to the Amberley Public Works Department. In December of 2008, Cohen donated a 60-year-old precision dumpy level, and in the summer of 2009 he donated a 30-year-old precision engineer’s transit.

A precision dumpy level is used to establish precise horizontal elevations. It combines a telescope with a spirit bubble tube mounted on a base with four leveling screws. The name “dumpy” refers to the instrument’s short focal length, which makes it much easier to use than a design requiring a longer telescope. A precision engineer’s transit allows for accuracy in building corners and aligning bridge joints and pipelines. Cohen’s transit is equipped with a 32-power telescope, plumb bob, magnifying glass, adjusting tools and a wood carrying case. Cohen used this transit throughout the country for many types of building and layout projects.

Amberley’s Director of Public Works, Steve Rasfeld, said that both instruments will be extremely useful in different Village projects. The dumpy level will be used for storm drain installations, landscaping projects, and various maintenance activities.

“We’re grateful to Stan for these instruments and for the expert advice he’s provided to us on many engineering projects,” Rasfeld said.