Amberley Park

Several amenities are available on the grounds of Village Hall for residents to enjoy: playground equipment and the walking track, which are open to all, and tennis courts, which require purchase of a key card for access.

Tennis Courts

Four tennis courts are located adjacent to Village Hall.  As a resident, you can purchase a key-card for $50 that allows you to play on the courts with non-resident friends.  Non-residents can obtain at key card for $100.  The tennis-court key cards are sold for a period of two years and may be purchased at the Public Safety service window in Village Hall.

If you wish to purchase a key card during the second year of the two-year term, the price will be $35 and $70 for non-residents. Fees from card sales are used to offset maintenance expenses and court supplies.

Use of the tennis courts is restricted to key card-holders and their guests.  Please abide by the following courtesy rules:

  • No food or beverage (except water) is permitted on the courts.
  • When people are waiting to play, players must limit their playing time to a one-hour maximum.  To assure compliance with this rule, courts must be relinquished at change-over time regardless of the time the courts have been in use by the players occupying the courts.  Change-over time is defined as the exact hour i.e., 12:00 noon, 1:00 pm, etc.)  Waiting players have their choice of court at change-over.
  • Utilization of courts is restricted to daylight hours.  No person may enter the tennis courts for any purpose after dark.
  • Please proceed to take a tennis court only when your full playing party is present.  It is not permissible for one person to hold the court while waiting for others to arrive.
  • Acts of vandalism and littering will be prosecuted under appropriate Village ordinances.
  • Only regulation tennis shoes are permitted on the courts.
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn on the courts at all times.  Shirts must be worn.

Walking Track

Walking TrackResidents can walk, stroll or jog as many miles as they like on the Amberley Village walking track located at Ridge and Section Roads.  This paved track boasts an upper and lower path nestled into a picturesque landscape that varies in topography and view.  Its measurements are as follows:

Upper Track:  2,144′  (2.5 times around = 1 mile)
Lower Track:  1,644′  (3.2 times around = 1 mile)
Total for both:  3,788′  (1.4 times around = 1 mile)
Walking the total of both tracks 7 times = 5 miles

Pets, bicycles and vehicles are not permitted on the track.

To keep this amenity beautiful and litter-free, receptacles have been placed along the track to accept trash and recyclables, such as plastic bottles.  A parking lot is accessible from Ridge Road.

The playground situated on the upper track is popular among residents with young children.  Families can explore the playground, take a break at the picnic table or walk the track together.