Chief Wallace shares his strategy for combatting speeding and traffic issues in Amberley Village:


  • Village needs to work to educate the residents to help spread the word to reduce speed.
  • Residents need to set pace by slowing their own speeds.
  • Use speed monitoring devices and ghost cars in areas of complaints
  • Show our commitment with signs and bumper stickers.


  • Sign placement
  • Pavement markings
  • Roadway modifications


  • Officers will continue to enforce traffic ordinances in the neighborhoods.

According to Chief Wallace, the Village’s implementation of electronic speed monitors, temporary speed humps and increased signage in high pedestrian areas have all been instrumental in engineering and educational aspects of the plan.  “We have been gathering data for nearly a decade, which assists with strategic placement of these resources year to year,” he said.

Enforcement, which he cites as a last resort, “sometimes has to be tightened up when we start to see an uptick in speeding in various parts of the Village.”  Chief Wallace added, “As much as we hate to increase citations, the reality is that sometimes it’s the only deterrent that effects change.”

Efforts to combat these issues have heightened with increased traffic due to construction on interstates surrounding the Village, but Chief Wallace is confident the Village strategy is working.  “We continue to work with residents to immediately address concerns in areas that are impacted,” he said.  “But we also anticipate the rising traffic through the Village is a trend that will change as infrastructure projects on the interstates are completed.”

Residents with concerns regarding speeding and traffic safety are encouraged to contact the Amberley Village Police Department at 531-2040.