Community Policing & How It’s Funded

Amberley Village voters were asked to consider a renewal of the Amberley Village Police Levy on May 3, 2022. The FAQs, articles and links on this page summarize important information regarding the community policing approach to law enforcement employed by AVPD, as well as the current funding structure and benefits to residents.

Police Levy Funding FAQs

Monies generated from the 5-year Police Levy, renewed at 8 mills, generate an estimated $1.3 million per year. This is a dedicated source of funds that can only be utilized for Police Department operations.

The Village relies on levy funding as the only dedicated funding source for our Police Department, with the remaining balance coming from the General Fund.

The Police expenditures in 2021 were $3.7 million. The Village’s General Fund provided $2.4 million of this total.  A high percentage of Police funding comes out of the General Fund, so the Levy is relied upon for the remaining $1.3 million to ensure our Police Department is able to maintain its current level of service and personnel.

Because the levy is a renewal, homeowners will pay the same amount as they did between 2018 and 2022, and does not raise taxes.

The levy cost remained the same as what residents have paid since 2017, which is in fact a reduction from the original levy passed in 2012.  Information specific to your property is available via the Hamilton County Auditor by clicking on the button below:

Hamilton County Auditor

Once at the site, enter your street number and name, and you will be redirected to a new page.  Then, click on “Levy Information” on the right side of the page, under the title, “I Want To…”

The bottom of the page that comes up when you click on Levy Information gives you a summary of all levies on the upcoming ballot, along with the estimated annual tax:

The Police Levy enables the Amberley Village Police Department to:

  1.  Maintain the current levels of Police services to residents
  2.  Provide a reliable funding source
  3.   Generate $1.3 million per year, or 36% of the Police Department’s 2022 budget

The following chart shows the distribution of property taxes for all Hamilton County residents:

But did you know the Auditor’s website can show you the specific distribution amounts based upon your property value?  Visit the Hamilton County Auditor’s Site via the button below:

Hamilton County Auditor

Then, under “I Want To…” click on Tax Distributions as shown here:

From there, the site will display an overview of the total dollar amounts contributed by category based upon the most recent tax bill calculation for your address.

Above:  Amberley Village Police Chief Richard Wallace salutes at a recent Police Memorial Service in downtown Cincinnati.