Amberley Village Police Department is in the process of compiling a detailed overview of its community policing policies, which will be available for download and review in the coming days.  Our recent newsletter highlights some of the key points of the document, and references the Open Letter to the Community that was issued by Chief Wallace in June of 2020, and can be accessed via the link below.  Amberley Village continues its long-standing tradition of intense training, particularly in areas that directly impact interaction with the public.

Key highlights from the newsletter include:

  • An annual review of each officer’s racial profiling statistics to ensure unbiased policing practices
  • Daily Training Bulletins (DBTs), which focus on key points and test officers’ knowledge and understanding of policies and procedures
  • Peer Agreement for Constitutional Tactics (P.A.C.T.), which states officers agree to intervene on one another’s behalf if they observe mistakes or misconduct
  • P.A.C.T. unifies the officers in an understanding that they want peer interaction if needless risk or policy violations are observed, holding them all to the same high standard
  • Implicit bias training, including all Village staff, officers and administration
  • Training in interaction with individuals with special needs, including all Village staff, officers and administration
  • De-escalation Training
  • Training in “Duty to Intervene,” which outlines protocols and guidelines for when officers are legally required to involve themselves in a situation

Open Letter to the Community
Coming Soon: Update to the Community