June 4, 2020

Amberley Village Residents,

As your Police Chief, I wear a badge of public trust and hold it to the highest level of conviction and respect. We have built a relationship where you trust our officers and I, along with every Amberley Village Police Officer, am saddened by the tragic loss of George Floyd at the hands of police officers who were sworn to protect and serve the public. This display of conduct is unacceptable, inexcusable, and erodes the trust between the community and police. As a Police Department, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

The Amberley Village Police Department strives to make our community one of the best places to live and work in Hamilton County.  However, we could not enjoy our vibrant police community relations without your continued support, encouragement and interaction.  We hold our officers to the highest professional standards to deliver the best service possible.  Maintaining a culture of respect, integrity and honesty are the most important aspects of policing and an erosion of those qualities lessens our effectiveness with you.

Our Police Department trains for numerous scenarios outside of typical police work, including sensitivity training, identifying inner bias, mental health support, diversity, conflict resolution, and supporting those with special needs.  Our job is to provide a service to help others in need, at a trying time in their lives, when they are most vulnerable, regardless of the color of their skin, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, financial standing or mental health. We were all raised differently, in different communities, in different home dynamics and we have to keep that perspective.

I support the demand for justice of George Floyd and I maintain my faith in our judicial system that the individuals responsible will be held accountable for their actions.

My commitment to our community is that the Amberley Village Police Department will continue to build on community relationships, further our education, treat each person with respect, be accountable and understand the role of empathy in performing our jobs to serve and protect.




Chief Richard Wallace