As Amberley Village works to reopen the Municipal Building to the public, measures are being taken to ensure the safety of both residents and personnel.  Meetings will be held in-person beginning on June 1 with the Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Appeals, followed by a June 8 meeting of Village Council which includes a public hearing regarding proposed changes to the Property Maintenance Code.  Residents and members of Council and the Planning Commission are being given the option to attend in person or online, with accommodations provided for both in the protocols listed below.  Please visit the Village calendar for meeting posts to identify login information specific to each meeting.

Mayor’s Court will resume on June 16.

Revised:  Due to challenges with synching technology, remote participation will be limited to phone-in only.  Please see meeting notices for individual meeting call-in credentials.   Residents are still able to watch public hearings and Council meetings online in real-time, as well as to access video recordings following the meetings.  Please note:  If you plan to call into a meeting and are watching the live feed, PLEASE TURN OFF THE SOUND ON YOUR COMPUTER.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Village Administration with any questions or concerns regarding our plans to safety reopen the Amberley Village Municipal Building.  Thanks in advance for your support and cooperation!

COVID Prevention Meeting Protocols – Planning Commission – Board of Zoning Appeals

COVID Prevention Meeting Protocols – Council