In Spring of 2018, Amberley Village announced Greater Cincinnati Water Works’ (GCWW) intention to replace the water main on Arborcrest Drive, Arborcrest Court, Longmeadow Lane, North and South Whitetree Circle and Lamarque Drive from Longmeadow to Whitetree. GCWW stated the diameter of the water main will be increased from 6 inches to 12 inches.

GCWW is replacing the older cast iron water main with a new ductile iron pipe which is a more durable material and is longer lasting. The project will result in better water flow to fire hydrants and better water flow to residential users. The Village has purchased 32 new fire hydrants to be installed by Cincinnati Water Works as a part of the project, which saves the Village the cost of installation.

The Arborcrest Drive and Arborcrest Court mains have been installed and tested. Once GCWW has finished installing the mains on North and South Whitetree and Longmeadow Lane, they will go back to Arborcrest to start residential service connections.

The Village anticipates, in a joint project with GCWW, resurfacing the affected roads to complete the project.